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Function of Organic Iodine

Organic iodine has the function of purifying blood and strengthening blood vessels. By absorbing toxins in the body and ejecting those, it activates the human body’s metabolism as well. Consequently, the overall immunity in the body will be enhanced.
Organic iodine does not have various side effects compared to inorganic iodine. From the point of the view of normalizing the body, it has been confirmed that organic iodine is most suitable for both maintaining and enhancing health due to its function of changing the acid constitution which is called “the origin of every chronic disease” into the alkaline constitution by absorbing iodine into the blood.
In the time of global pandemic crisis, enhancing and maintaining the body’s immunity is vital more than ever. This capsuled type organic-iodine Makifu-chiisu is very handy to bring. We hope this product will contribute to your daily maintenance of health.

Makifu-chiisu is indicated for the treatments of:

High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, tonic, tuberculosis, syphilis, leukemia, radiation hazard, tumor (stomach, duodenum), periodontal disease, stomatitis, asthma, liver function failure, after effects recovery of the cerebropathy, cancer, the metastasis prevention after the cancer operation, diabetes, dementia.
(*In reference to scientific and medical documents)




1sheet(10 capsules) 3,150 JPY(tax excluded)


Cod liver oil 84%, Iodine 8%, Borneol 8%

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take approximately 1-2 capsules 3 times (morning, noon, evening) a day with either water or warm water on preferably an empty stomach.


Those who have a seaweed allergy, or with a physician-diagnosed medical condition with such as a thyroid disfunction should not take this product.

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