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Handling products

Colloidal Iodine 500ml


50,000 yen (excluding tax)

Sales unit

First time: 24 Second time and later: 12

Colloidal Iodine Injection / Drip Solution 50ml

Only drip treatment is possible at our partner medical institutions. Please contact us for details.

Colloidal Iodine Inhalation Solution 50ml


40,000 yen (excluding tax)

Sales unit


About Purchase

If you wish to purchase the colloidal iodine products, please check the payment method below, fill in the colloidal iodine purchase application form, and send it to us. The person in charge will contact you.

It is noted that, for “Colloid Iodine Injection / Drip Solution 50ml”, we will introduce a partner clinic, which can prescribe it.

Payment Method

Payment method will be bank transfer.
After sending the following colloid iodine purchase application form, the person in charge will guide you to the “total amount” and “transfer account”.
Shipment is made after a transfer check.
(Please consult us if you would like cash on delivery.)

Colloid Iodine Purchase Application Form

    Customer Information

    ■ Company Name

    ■ Name * required

    ■ Email address * required

    ■ Postal code * required

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    ■ Phone number * required

    Order Contents

    Please enter the quantity of the product to order.

    ■ Colloid Iodine 500ml (unit: bottle)

    ■ Colloidal Iodine 1000ml (unit: bottle)

    ■ Colloid Iodine Injection / Drip Solution 50ml
    If you wish to prescription, please check. We will introduce partner clinics.
    I want a prescription.

    ■ Colloid Iodine Inhalation Solution 50ml (unit: bottle)

    ■ Colloid Iodine Cream 30g (unit: bottle)

    ■ Colloid Iodine Ophthalmic Solution 30ml (unit: bottle)

    ■ Free entry field

    The confirmation screen is not displayed. Please send the form with a tick once you confirm the above contents.

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