THM-HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. is a general medical consulting company that provides consulting and M&A services for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dispensing pharmacies, etc., wholesale of ethical drugs, and manufacture and sales of supplements.

Business Description

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Pharmaceutical Sales

THM-HOLDINGS sells generic drugs and quasi-drugs with a marketing authorization license.

In addition, for medical institution, we handle wholesale sales of various drugs including hospital drugs.

Health Food Sales

THM-HOLDINGS mainly handles many health foods and supplements for improving immunity.

[Main products]
Fucoidan, heavy carbon, iodine

Medical Tourism

[Main medical tourism handled by THM-HOLDINGS]

  • Basic medical checkup and medical checkup tour
  • Stem cell anti-aging tour
  • Gold thread beauty tour
  • Various immunotherapy (genes, NK cells, killer cells, etc.) tour
  • Colloidal iodine cancer drip treatment tour

General Medical Consulting

THM-HOLDINGS supports opening of medical, dental, and dispensing pharmacies.

We also provide operational support and consultancy for welfare facilities, hospitals, clinics and the like.

Please contact us if you have any questions on interested doctors, dentists, pharmacists, welfare facility staff, etc.

[Past Opening Support Results]
■ Clinic
Internal Medicine (10), Pediatrics (2), Psychosomatic Medicine (2), Dermatology (including Beauty) (5), Otolaryngology (1), Specialized Departments (3)
■ Nursing and welfare facilities
Paid elderly facilities with special care, special elderly health facilities, elderly facilities with services, group home facilities for people with disabilities

Introduction of Seminars and Conferences

THM-HOLDINGS sponsors numerous seminars and academic conferences.

Recently, many seminars and academic societies on cancer and intractable diseases have been held, and we are introducing seminars and academic societies that meet customer needs.

Cancer / Intractable Disease Clinical Society

* Please note that some seminars and conferences may not be open to non-medical people.

FDA Authorization Support Business

THM-HOLDINGS accepts formal permits from the US government FDA and provides support for obtaining FDA permits for many products such as pharmaceuticals, health foods, supplements and cosmetics in Japan.

Agents / medical support personnel registered with FDA authorized Japan general agents belong to our company, so you can perform US FDA approval work more quickly.

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